Croatia is a wonderful country with over thousands of islands which is known for its incredibly rich heritage and her great Men whose great deeds, Croatia on world map forever etched in large letters. Croatia is a country whose beauty sung since ancient times. Its coast and its islands is one of the most indented in the world. From 1244 islands, islets, reefs, which remained after booting sea level 13 000 yr. BC now has only 50 residents. The abundance of islands and islets attracts adventurous travelers from around the world.


 Kayakers and sailors delight smaller islands romantic atmosphere, relaxed way of life in the tranquility and beauty. In many island towns the breathtaking architecture and atmosphere, antiques, art in stone, wood, paintings and old parchment. A skilled stone and stone carving art of island tradition. Arguably, Croatia has always been a place of true inspiration.



Turanj is an idyllic place. In the summer, it becomes a little paradise on earth. With its clean and warm sea, the island attracts many people throughout the world. Domestic and foreign tourists enjoy the tranquility provided by this special place, which knows no stress and nervousness. Area Turnje the traditional fishing and agricultural-oriented, so that the environment is preserved, while the water is extremely clear.



Along the coast are planted trees beneath which you can locate and enjoy during your stay at the beach. Tourists is particularly attractive promenade that leads to the north end of town where there is a church dating back more than a thousand years old (built in the 845th year on the remains of an old Roman villa rustica). Nearby is a group of five islands, the sunset is a real sight to remember. On the opposite side (south) you can walk to St. Filipjakova - neighboring town that is connected with Turnje.




Zadar is connected with the Greek word meaning Diadora "already had," according to some documents emerged even before Rome. Throughout its history it has often been called Jader, Idassa, Jadera and Zara. Specifically, numerous legacy, monuments and landmarks in the area going back 3000 years and witnessed an interesting history of Zadar.


 Area Zadar region is the largest and best-known Croatian historical region occupies southern Croatian, and therefore this region land of sun, warm sea, olives, wine, fish, song and picturesque villages with houses made of stone. Zadar is the true Mediterranean.





Biograd is the center of nautical tourism and its inhabitants who jokingly referred to as "a small town near the marina." Masts pierce the sky as well as spears 5000 horsemen back to the 1097th when at the same venue landed normandska Buzi princess, bride of King Coleman.


 Kings have always loved this town, and you will see for themselves in Biograd when you tell the story of King Petar Kresimir IV, and his visits to indigent peasant, one long-ago Christmas Eve, the king's reign.

You may feel unreal especially from the perspective of today's political, era. Destroyed to the ground and rebuilt, for sharing the fate of many of the towns of the Adriatic.



Island of Pasman


Postimana name was first mentioned in 990th year, and recorded ga is the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus. The island was inhabited in prehistoric times, and the oldest monument dates from the Middle Ages. Many material remains of Roman architecture testify on settlements during the Roman authorities. Pasman Island is an island in the Zadar archipelago with many small islands scattered on the Pasman channel, which are ideal for dealing with a variety of water sports. The pleasant climate, beautiful sandy beaches and friendly hosts will make your holiday unforgettable and full of beautiful moments that are forever remembered. The island has many types of herbs, and olive fields and vineyards that produce excellent wine and oil. Hard working and always feel like you have provided residents decorated rooms in apartments but will gladly refer you to the most desirable places in the island.